Local Newbury Beekeeper Who Loves Nature and its Beauty

Welcome to Mr. Smiths Honey! Natural and yummy honey from hard working bees in Berkshire. It’s fascinating how these animals work in order to produce honey for us and I am keen to take you through the process and show you how it’s all done.

Contact Me

If you are after a jar of honey or more, please don’t hesitate to contact me via the form below or directly on my email address mrsmithshoney@gmail.com.

In return, you will receive 340g of pure honey. The cost of a jar of honey is £6.

I am also more than happy to show you how hard bees work for us all to enjoy honey.

Mr. Smiths Honey Jars

    About Newbury Beekeeper

    Hi everyone, my name is Steve and I am a local beekeeper based in Newbury, Berkshire. However,  I am covering other areas such as Thatcham, Aldermaston, Hungerford and more.

    If you are interested to know more about the honey extraction or just talk to me about bees in general, then please let me know.